Boys Are So Cocky

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Growing up in the 90s, I remember my friends and I called everything gay. If we didn’t like a show, or a song, or the way someone wore their backpack, we’d call it gay. If someone was annoying us for any reason whatsoever, we’d tell them to stop being gay. If lunch served us Salsbury steak instead of pizza, that was super gay. But I’ve grown up a lot over the years and put all those problematic phrases behind me. Now I know that the only thing that is gay is when guys like other guys, and there’s nothing “gay” about that.

Also, I’m gay as fuck! And I love jerking off to the best gay porn out there. At the moment, the best gay porn (in my humble gay opinion) is Cocky Boys. I get to watch hunks like Allen King, Cory Kane, Sean Zevran, Carter Dane, Troy Accola, Jacen Zhu, Clark Davis, Sean Ford, Taylor Reign, Ricky Roman, and Cole Claire show how cocky they can be.

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