10 Inches of BBC

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Sean Xavier has 10 inches of big black cock. That was the only way to start this post after watching him and that massive dark meat dong in action over at Lucas Entertainment. Guys will exaggerate their size and measurements all the time, but Sean doesn’t need to. His long dick is 100% the real thing. It is real and it is spectacular!

Sean is 6′ tall, his cock is cut, and his physique is fit. He is a strong looking man with defined abs and a serious face. Sean claims that he can self-suck, but I have yet to see video evidence.

Inside of Lucas Entertainment, you can get to know him better with his model interview video. Then you can watch him in high definition action in the many movies he has shot for the brand. He has done lots of interracial scenes as well as some with other black performers. His cock is always the biggest one on set and he is never shy about whipping it out and using it for the good of gay kind.

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