Men Make Great Webcam Models

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When I was in college I met a girl that did webcams. She was a classy chick, not a slut like I would expect to do such a thing. She told me in complete confidence and invited me to sit in on one of her sessions. She stripped down her clothing and masturbated and talked dirty, but it wasn’t like she was touching the people and it was all completely anonymous. 

I asked her if guys could do it too and she directed me to click here. This is a great tool for anyone that’s even remotely curious about doing such a thing. I decided it sounded like fun so I gave it a shot. At first I was nervous and awkward, but it was thrilling. I’m a straight guy, so it was a little weird when guys would watch and interact, but I found that even that turned me on. I don’t know that I’m bisexual, but it has definitely opened up my mind and made me realize my cock responds to a lot more than I ever would have imagined.