Gay Boys in the Shower Together

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In college, I met a guy that I’ll call Brad. Brad never made apologies or worried about his reputation. He liked to have a good time and wanted to find friends who did too. He had the sort of personality that I would have usually avoided, except he was gay and I didn’t know any other gay guys. He honed in on my sexual uncertainty right away. At first, it was like a game for him, then he decided he was going to show me the way.

I had already been with a couple of guys, but it had been a while and I was shy. Brad was determined to introduce me to new experiences, but didn’t want to fuck me himself because he said he thought of me like a little brother.

One day I was in the shower and Brad walked into the bathroom and brought a friend. I tried covering myself but they jest laughed. Brad informed me that his big hairy buddy had come over to taste my ass, and he was going to watch. I could have said no, but I was too busy bending over.

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