How Bad Do They Want the Work?

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Even a confident, alpha male can be broken by a bad economy. Tom, the man behind Dirty Scout, exploits that. He uses their desperation to his advantage.

Operating a job placement agency in the Czech Republic, hopeful men come to him looking for work. He offers to place them, but there is a rather large fee involved. If the guy submits to his requests, he will not only waive the fee, but he will also give them a substantial amount of cash.

As expected, the straight guys accept. Some are more believable than others once you see them sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Some really do look unsure and like they have never done it before.

Get Dirty Scout with our 50% off discount for life and see if you believe the scenes. The preview video does show one guy refusing and storming out, saying Tom is lucky that he doesn’t call the police. The videos inside of the site though are all the ones who say yes and the action is always bareback and filmed in POV style.